What is the best digital marketing strategy for SMBs?

Relying on the strong support of digital marketing is no longer just a privilege for large companies. Now it’s the turn of micro, small and medium-sized companies to enter this game. Some of them know that it is possible to sell more with a good digital marketing strategy.

How to use online marketing strategies for your small business? Is it possible to act alone?

These are some questions for many entrepreneurs, after all, there are thousands of tools available. And mastering marketing for micro and small businesses is not easy. Resources are more limited and the margin for errors is much smaller.
This is the factor that makes the internet the economical and efficient solution for micro and small companies that want to increase the visibility of their business. Digital marketing for micro and small businesses is the key to your success and will help your business to gain more customers and sales.
The big advantage of the web is that it provides the chance for the small to compete healthily with the big, with the same tools and strategies. Therefore, you must take advantage of the Internet for your business, without wasting money or resources and establishing more permanent competitive advantages through a coherent, efficient and effective strategy.

The Internet must become an ally of your business today, tomorrow and always. But how ?

  • Trace a digital marketing plan;
  • Position yourself on the internet differently from all your competitors;
  • Invest at least 1 hour a day following and optimizing your digital marketing;
  • Create a website with a blog and social networks aimed at sales with a weekly update routine;
  • Define practical digital marketing objectives (how many followers in how long, how many hits on each page, how many sales you need to make to justify the investment);
  • Organize and unify your communication (it is very common to say one thing in each online media);
  • Give your audience a voice with surveys and take every opinion into account;
  • It values maximum quality and transparency (lying on the internet is never a good idea for companies of all sizes).

What is the most important thing to do?

1 – Make a practical marketing plan

A Marketing plan is as important as the business and tax plan. The first step is to analyze the external and internal factors that can influence the company’s performance. Understand how the customer’s buying behavior works and get to know the other players (competitors) in the market well. This helps define the company’s positioning and outline marketing strategies, objectives and goals. Every marketing plan must have a schedule that indicates a person responsible for each action.

2 – Build your online presence

If your company still doesn’t have a website or profiles on the main social networks, it’s time to take action. Consider creating a website urgently! More and more people buy and discuss brands and products online and companies that stay out of this movement will lose new consumers. In addition, through social networks it is possible to listen to customers, find points to improve and make changes in the business following the demand of those who buy.

3 – Calculate the return on marketing

One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is the possibility of clearly and precisely measuring the return on your investments, which can be quickly perceived in the course of the business. Before an action, define exactly who your audience is and what the expected effect is. Have an organized spreadsheet that compares the objective of the new strategy with the result achieved. Also compare the numbers from the previous period to calculate the impact of the effort made to publicize the brand.

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