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Product Photography Services

For your Website, E-Commerce, Social Media, Catalogs and more.

Product photography tells you a lot about the item from size, shape, colour, and even how it is used. There are many different types of product photography. From simple studio product images to the lifestyle approach, products in action, group photos of a product line, product packaging, and more. Target4Biz partners with top brands, agencies, and creative professionals providing a full range of essential production and post production services for high end campaigns, creative content and large scale e-com visuals. We make it easy to get professional photos of your product quickly and affordably.

You ship it, we shoot it!

Target4Biz offers you professional quality photo shoots and makes every effort to offer you a unique experience, in order to provide you with the result you expect.
We specialize in product photography for your website, online store, social media posts, Amazon marketplace, print, and more.
Simply send your products to our studio and our team will photograph and edit them here, then we’ll send them back to you.
Since our beginnings in 2009, we have worked with thousands of clients around the world and established great relationships with them.
We’ve spent over a decade perfecting our process to make it easy to work with us, no matter your location.
Our professional equipment is constantly renewed in order to be in line with the latest technologies, to offer you the best possible service for your photo shoot or video shoot.

Curious how to work with a remote photo studio? Let’s talk about the process.

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Why do you need professional photo product?

Professional photos sell more products

First, the photo helps illustrate your product description. It helps the customer to know if the product meets their needs or their expectations. Since the customer cannot touch the product, the photo is therefore his only “contact” and that is why it has a preponderant role in reassuring him. Images therefore not only attract our attention, but also arouse emotions and attract us. In addition, a nice photo of a product makes us want to buy it more easily than a blurry or poor quality photo. In summary, a professional photo:

Help increase conversions

It’s no secret: High quality photos sell more product. With so many choices out there, sometimes the decision to buy comes down to who has the best photos.

Improve customer confidence

Ever hesitate making an online purchase because of poor quality photos? So do your customers. Great product photography can tip the scales in your favor.

Elevate brand image

High-quality photography is a mark of high-quality brands and helps maintain a trustworthy image. Help your customers remember your products and your brand with great photos.

Classic product photography

Our core service, ideal for E-commerce. We shoot clean, crisp photos of your product on a pure white background. Each image is professionally shot and edited in our Lisbon studio by our experienced staff of trained product photographers under the direction of our creative director.

Our prices include what others don’t

  • No extra charge for group arrangements up to 5 pieces.
  • No extra charge for products with shiny or metallic surfaces.
  • No extra charge for jewelry or apparel.
  • No extra charge for black backgrounds instead of white.
  • No extra charge for illuminated products such as lit candles or LED displays.

Photo specifications

  • High resolution 3000 x 3000 pixel (before crop) jpeg image at 300 DPI.
  • Pure white background (RGB 255,255,255) with grounding shadow or reflection, where appropriate.
  • Photo editing to remove dust, scratches, and minor defects.
  • Product prep to include steaming garments, stuffing bags, cleaning smudges, and minor assembly.
  • Instant online delivery and free image storage.
  • Royalty-free unlimited use license.

Start your order or get a quote

Fill out the form to start a new order or to get a quote for an upcoming order. Once submitted, you’ll receive an email with the following information:

  1. Shot list instructions. We’ll explain how to send us more details on your project so we can provide a detailed quote.
  2. Reference number. Your reference number helps us identify your products when they arrive. You’ll use this number when shipping your products to our studio.
  3. Shipping instructions. We’ll explain how to ship your products to our studio for photography.

A couple final notes:

We won’t take any payment right now. That will happen after your project manager writes up your order and sends you an invoice. There’s no obligation. If you change your mind, it’s no problem. You can start a new order at any time.


For a simple question or additional information on our services, our digital strategy consultants remain at your disposal.
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