Otimização de Sites em Portugal

SEO Consulting And Services For Website Optimization

Have a website but not visitors? No contact request? No sales? Talk with Target4Biz, a digital marketing agency and website optimization experts!

The better positioned and optimized your site, the greater the chances of success !

Target 4Biz offers SEO consulting & auditing services for website optimization for any size and type of company, because being well positioned in search engines can make the difference between success and failure.

Target4Biz always uses the best SEO techniques for optimizing websites following the guidelines and updates of the algorithms of the different search engines, white & black hat methods, in order to guarantee the best possible results for our customers and in a durable way.

Target4Biz specializes in Organic SEO to attract more visitors to your site, generate more leads and business volume.

Our Organic SEO services (website optimization for search engines) do not only refer to a set of different techniques and procedures that aim to increase the visibility of a website by optimizing it for search engines, but also different methodologies to increase the number of visitors to a site generated from the search engines or make them search engine friendly. These services consist of optimizing a site on the page and off the page.

What are our main Organic SEO techniques?

Usability and Accessibility

The combination of usability and accessibility is what will make the optimization of a site happen for both the search engines and the people who visit the site. Searchers certainly need to navigate the site and access all the information, but who will shop, read, advertise, sign services and everything else are people.

Keyword Search and Optimization

Searching for keywords and optimizing the use of these words within the website is an SEO technique that is present in all other techniques. For anchor text; for the title; for the URL: we use always keywords. Keywords are the basis of every optimization of website to which you want to get a good search ranking.

Optimization of Title and Meta Description

The title of the site, and the pages of the site, is one of the main decision factors for positioning the site in relation to the keywords used in a search. Just do any search on Google, or any other search site, and check that in the first results, the words used in the search certainly appear in the title. Title optimization is one of the most important SEO techniques. Then, the Meta tag is of vital importance for the positioning of a website in the searches. When well written, taking full advantage of the keywords of the page in question, it can catch the attention of the user and the search engine. Remember: the SEO is for search engines, and sites, for people. Never develop a site for only one of the 2.

Link Building

Link Building is one of the SEO techniques for optimizing sites with more alternatives to acting. First of all, we pay attention to properly of the internal linking of the site. The site itself is a great source of links that should be harnessed in the best way possible, paying attention to details of link semantics and URL optimization. The next step is to get external links, links from other domains. For this, the SEO techniques are Link Bait and SEO for feeds and social bookmarks. Another important point to highlight in the development of link building is the use of the nofollow attribute in the links. Nofollow serves to control the flow of PageRank of your site. Which page points to what other way to let PageRank flow from one to the other.