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Target4Biz is a Digital Marketing Agency in Lisbon specializing in Digital Communication and Organic SEO. We care about your site as much as you do. Answering customer questions, guiding and helping them is our number one priority. In each project we develop, we are motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the construction of new visions and communication relationships. Our customers lead us to think boldly and the work we do is truly global. We work with the largest companies from EU to the USA & Canada, and we are sure that we can help your company to gain more customers, more sales and therefore more profit.
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Over 10 years Experience

Since 2009 we offer digital marketing services. Nowadays we are a reference in the market due to the excellent results generated for customers with safety, service and commitment.

WordPress Specialists

The Wordpress platform is an incredible tool for companies of any size or segment, so we are specialized in creating, maintaining and updating websites, blogs and e-commerce in WordPress.

We are different

We love what we do and we guarantee that we treat each customer as if it was our own company. We are extremely dedicated, disciplined professionals and we are always up to date in the area of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Team

We transform SMBs into digital media as a major source of customer acquisition.


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If you're ready to take your business to the highest levels of Website Optimization for search engines, talk to us.


Professional Websites

All the sites we build are responsive to work correctly on all mobile devices like Smartphones, PDAs, etc., and optimized for search engines.


Increase your sales with the Online Store - start selling 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to everyone! Management of orders, inventories, payments and more with store management tools. Responsive and optimized design.

Social Media Management

Social Marketing is the set of actions and techniques of web marketing that promote the correct positioning of brands on social networks. The idea is to engage with the community, emphasizing the relevance of the published content and interaction.

Organic SEO

We use several techniques to improve the organic position of any website in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc ...) and thus make the website more visible in the right keywords. Consequently more visitors, more customers and more sales.

Marketing Campaigns

Audiences have moved massively to the online space, and with them advertisers and advertising strategies. As a result of this trend, Target4Biz has designed for its customers packages of marketing campaigns including blog content publications, link building, banners and newsletters.


Digital Marketing Consulting is a complete solution that, through conversations, studies and research about your company, your competitors and your market, we develop the potential of your business in the digital environment, bringing to your company a personalized action plan.

Some examples of sites tailored made by Target4Biz


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